Combatting the WORST Excuse

There are a million reasons that eating Paleo is challenging… like blackberry cobbler, loaded cheese fries, popcorn, chocolate milk. The worst reason to have, in my humble opinion, is that you had not one other option than to ‘cheat’. C’mon. You had the option to prepare better, always. Cheating is always a choice, unless you’re locked in a Hershey’s Chocolate factory in the last stages of starvation (my ultimate fantasy)…. It is a choice.

That said, I’ve used the excuse a million times. “I was just starving, so I grabbed a bag of chips because there wasn’t another option” #excusesmakemefeellessguilty. Obviously, you may not always be able to get perfect foods– your almonds might be roasted when you’d prefer raw, your jerky may have cane sugar in the ingredients list, or your apple might not be organic (gasp!), but there is almost always another option than those sinful faileo chips. Every single time I know I deserve the guilt, bad breath, and gluten baby I receive from that bag of Munchies, Peanut M&Ms, and Strawberry Nesquik. KIDDING. Kind of.

My solution? Plan. Plan. Plan. Plan. Plan. Continue reading


The Ultimate Frittata


I’m enjoying myself a lovely break from work for about a week and a half until school starts back. Being a part time bartender that means I only took about 4 days off, but it still sounds like a vacation to me. More vacation: I hurt my shoulder so I’m taking a small, undesired vacation from Crossfit to heal– and that means a lot of leg days are about to happen, hello back squats and box jumps!

Back to the good stuff…. On vacation, you can really have any kind of schedule you would like. That means I can eat when I want to, not on a strict schedule. I went to the doctor this morning, so I didn’t even think about breakfast until about 11:30am. That’s three hours later than normal! And I made the deliciousness found below.┬áNormally, I would have had a major ‘vacation splurge’ and treated myself to some peachy coconut donut holes or blueberry and chocolate chip bread pudding, but I’m in the middle of a 21 day sugar detox.┬áIf you’ve never heard of it (or if you have heard of it, but have let your curiosities rest and your fears get the best of you), read about it, order the e-book, and do it! Continue reading